Q: What are the differences between your camera (kit) and others ?
A: Most aftermarket cameras are powered by 12V, but the Toyota/Mazda/Subaru/Scion vehicles radio voltage for backup camera is 6V. In order to keep the 12V camera works, two approaches are typically used for other kits.
(1) To use low end 12V camera which consumes less power and may still works under 6V, but the image is likely poor at low light condition
(2) To use a relay to boost the radio voltage to 12V, but the relay usually needs a 12V accessory power source, so the installation is getting complicated
Our camera was designed with the right voltage regulator for 6V input and support high definition image sensor.
Our harnesswas built with T
oyota genuine connectors for reliability and embedded ground wire to simplify the installation.
Our long cable was designed to meet high standard requirements and deliver clear image.

Q: The kit on the YouTube link is different with your kit
A: The basics are the same. The YouTube shows how to route the cable and how to remove parts,please refer to the instruction for more detail. Our kits simplify the connection to improve the user experience.

Q: The image is not stable and there are horizontal or vertical lines on the screen
A: Connect the ground wire to chassis common ground (any screw on the chassis will be fine).

Q: I experienced difficulty to route the cable through the rubber boot of my Prius, any suggestion? 
A: Try WD-40 spray

Q: There is a tiny wires near the camera plug, do we need to do anything for the tiny wire?
A:The tiny wire is the switch for guideline, connect (or cut) the tiny wires will turn off/on the guidelines.
If you would like to keep the guideline, just leave the tiny wire as it.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Q: I make all the connections by following the instruction, but no image on the screen when gear on "R"
A:(Reminder: Always check the connection to ensure the camera works before to start wire routing)
There are three main parts, (a) Harness to radio; (b) Long cable; (c) Camera. The connection is very straightforward, plug the harness into the back of the radio ( Camry SE plug to center console), Yellow RCA to Yellow RCA of long cable, and red wire to red wire of the long cable, camera plug to long cable receptacle. 
If no image on the screen, there are several things to check in order until the camera works
1) Check the connections, disconnect and reconnect, especially the camera plug and long cable receptacle connection tightened enough. Make sure not to pinch or bend the cable. The red wire of harness is for power, twist (or solder) it with the red wire on the extension cable and seal with electrical tape (do not use any butt or other connector) Restart the car for each testing.
2)Check if the reverse trigger wire installed. Contact us if the reverse trigger wire is not installed
3) Check if the camera works well. Contact us if the camera or harness has issue
4) Check if the vehicle radio works well. Contact the dealer if the radio has issue.
If no issue from the above steps, the camera should be working well.

​​​​Q:My backup camera was installed easily and worked great until a couple days ago when it stopped to work. Do you have any ideas on what went wrong and how to fix it as I really miss having it?
A: (For each testing, turn off the vehicle and then start it, put gear on reverse to check)
1) Your vehicle may not have enough room for the camera cable routed from outside to inside trunk. Please remove the trim from chassis and check if the wire was pinched or bent. (Drill a hole on the chassis if needed)
  2) Unplug the plug and insert back to receptacle of the extension cable tightly.
​ 3) Check the power wire (red wire on the harness to red wire next the RCA connector of the long cable) connection, do not use any butt or other connector. The simplest and effective way is to strip the red wires, twist them together and seal the connection with electrical tape.

4) If the cable is not pinched and all connections are reliable, but the camera is still not working, please contact us for help.
(There are several tiny wires inside the camera cable, each tiny wire is very thin, pinch or bend the cable may break the tiny wire, causing the camera out of function)

FAQs of Toyota/Scion/Mazda/Subaru backup camera used for factory screen

Q: My vehicle is on your compatible list, but not on your product list on Amazon.
A: For 2012+ vehicles, please send an email to
pyvideo.pdx@gmail.com with your vehicle model and year, we will send you an link for ordering and ship the right kit.
For 2001-2011 Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicles with navigation system. There are a few variations with different interfaces for backup camera. Please send an email to pyvideo.pdx@gmail.com with your navigation model or the back side picture of the navigation, we will let you know if we can build a camera kit for you.

Q: Any special tools I need for installation?
A: You may need panel remover, electric drill and drill bit, 10 mm magnetic socket etc. The magnetic socket is to prevent screw from dropping inside the vehicles when to remove the radio.

Q: The camera view angle is off, how to adjust the view angle?
​A flat area parallel to ground is the ideal place to mount the camera.
The camera orientation may be slightly different from vehicle to vehicle. Build your own shim to adjust the angle if needed. To apply silicone sealant around the shim is desired for water-proof.

Q: Can I directly order from your company? Any wholesale price?
A: Please contact us for more detail.