​Q: Can I directly order from your company, instead of Amazon? Any wholesale price?
A:Please contact us for more detail.

FAQs of Tailgate Backup Camera Used for Aftermarket Screen 

​​​​Q:My tailgate backup camera was installed easily but it does not work?
A: 1) Check if trigger wire is needed for the display (read the display manual).

​     2) Check if the power source connected correctly

     3) Use different display with RCA connector (such as TV) to test the camera to identify where the issue is.

Q: Any special tools I need for installation?
A: You may need panel remover, electric drill and drill bit, socket etc.

Q: My display already have guideline, how to turn off the guideline of the camera?
A: ​There is green (or blue) tiny wire next the camera side, cut or connect the tiny wire is the switch to turn on/off the guideline

Q:The guideline is off the center, any way to adjust it?
A: The guideline is fixed within the camera, if the camera is off the center, the guideline will be off the center. Get used to it or turn off the guideline.

Q: I have a license plate camera and would like to replace it with tailgate backup camera, can I use the extension cable already routed under the trunk to save time?

A: We realized this demand and redesign the kit to be compatible with other aftermarket backup camera. The new design will have different extension cable to previous generation product.

Q: I recently purchased another kit to replace my previous one and found cable are different, how can I use the previous extension cable?

A: 1) No need for new purchase, you can contact us for accessory (not full kit). return your order to us for refund.

     2) We have the camera for previous generation cable.