RAV4 2013-2014  (Remove radio only)

Avalon 2013-2014 

  • Corolla 2014 and up will be different kit to Corolla 2012-2013, but the installation is similar.
  • Enough caution is needed to route the cable through the rubber seal (from 2:03 to 2:51)
  • Tip: lubricate the cable with WD-40 and then pulled/pushed it through rubber seal without too much difficulty
  • Prius 2015 and up will be different kit, but the installation is similar.

Corolla 2012-2013 

The YouTube links provide good reference, but please be aware that the KIT on the YouTube link is slightly different from our kit. Your own judgement is needed for installation.

Prius 2012-2014 

Camry 2012-2014 (SE/XLE) - Please do not remove the radio

  • This Kit is a different one with 10-pin harness. Please understand which kit you ordered. If you ordered the generic kit (with 16-pin harness), you need to remove the radio to install for Camry SE/XLE.

  • SE/XLE models have backup camera interface prewired from radio to center console. It is much easier to install the backup camera because of no need to remove the radio​.

  • Remove the center console (Please only need to do what's shown up to the 1:20 mark) and plug the harness to the 10-pin white receptacle as shown on the right picture. XLE model may have an air duct above the 10-pin receptacle.

  • Refer the above Youtube link for installation, but ignore the portion to remove the radio

Camry 2012-2014 (All models) 

Installation for TOYOTA Vehicles With Factory Screen