Check trigger wire

  • Locate the 28-pin connector behind the radio
  • Check if any wire on the 2nd position (top right) of the plug as shown in Figure 1
  • If there is no wire at the 2nd position, then to install the reverse trigger wire as the following steps
  • Remove the 28-pin plug from the radio
  • Insert  a small flathead to release clips  and lift the retainer bar, as  shown in Figure 2.
  • Insert the included wire (the end with terminal) to pin#2 position as shown in the Figure 3, you will hear a click
  • Close and lock the retainer bar, as shown in Figure 4
  • Insert the plug back to radio
  • Connect the other end of the wire to power of reverse light (this is easy but need an extended wire) , or reverse trigger on kick panel (please refer to user repair manual if it is available, or consult a professional)